How to Love Rain on Your Wedding Day!

Rain On Wedding Day Tips Andrejka Photography

It doesn’t matter where in the world you get married, there is always a chance of rain on your wedding day. Even the desert has been known to get rain once in a great while… so why stress about something you can’t control? With some thoughtful preparation, and a willingness to embrace the weather, you might find that rain on your wedding day makes your celebration even better than you imagined.

Make the Best of Rain on your Wedding Day

Use the following tips to be prepared in case it rains on your wedding day. In fact, just yesterday I had a rainy day wedding that used these tips… and guess what?

It was beautiful!

Keep reading for photos and tips that will inspire you to make the most of rain on your wedding day.

Buy Clear Umbrellas:

It goes without saying: when it rains you need an umbrella. When it comes to wedding photos in the rain, you’ll definitely want a clear one!

  • A clear umbrella is better than a normal black one… you can see through it and it helps the photos look great!
  • If you can’t find any clear umbrellas, a white one or a solid brightly colored one will do as well.
  • Check out more photos below to see how clear umbrellas made great props for some of my favorite pictures of my smiling rainy-day couples.

Talk to your Venue:

Be sure to understand everything your venue has to offer. Asking the following questions will help you form a back-up plan if it rains.

  • “Can I see all of the prospective spaces your venue offers?” You may love their outdoor space, but the inside may not work for you! You don’t want to get stuck with a location that you hate.
  • “Do I have more than one back-up location if there are multiple weddings going on?”
  • “How long does my indoor space take to set up… and where can my guests enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the meantime?”
  • “What can you provide to help with the rain?” Some venues may have tents available, and some may even have extra umbrellas on hand for your guests. For example, the STAFFORD PERRY in Petoskey, Michigan not only provides a plethora of umbrellas, but even has staff create an umbrella-covered “tunnel” for guests to move from ceremony to reception areas. I was very impressed with this!

Talk to your Vendors:

You may think that your vendors don’t need to understand how to work in the rain, but they do. Your florist, photographer, videographer, stylists, caterers and all the other vendors need to be prepared!

  • Be sure you know (and agree with) their back-up plans for rain.
  • Discuss rainy day hair and make-up options with your stylist and make-up artist. (Waterproof mascara is always a good idea anyway!)
  • Know where to go ahead of time… In each wedding venue I photograph, I suggest several spots that will make for great photographs (even outside!) despite the rain.

Rain Can Make Great Photographs:

Working in the rain is a challenge… (for everyone!) but the photos can be incredible. Talk to your wedding photographer about how they work with the rain. Be sure to look at some samples of their photographs of weddings in the rain.

  • The lighting tends to be beautiful…both soft and dramatic. Without the harsh shadows created by the sun, the diffused light flatters everyone.
  • The contrast between the wet pavement and the happy couple looks stunning, especially in black and white.
  • If it’s sprinkling, a wooded area can even prove to be a magical place for photos during rain… it’s much greener, and the trees can protect you!
  • Overhangs and porches make for great rainy-day photo spots. Check out the GRAND HOTEL or the INN AT STONECLIFFE, both on Mackinac Island, MI for examples of gorgeous porch photographs.

Embrace It!

Rain on your wedding day is memorable! The best tip is to embrace it.

  • You can’t control the rain, but you can control how you feel about it. My advice is to be prepared, and then try to relax and go with it.
  • Consider hiring a WEDDING PLANNER to further alleviate your stress. They can coordinate your venue, your vendors, and deal with last-minute downpours!
  • Have fun with it! If you are relaxed and smiling, not only will your photos be better, but your guests will pick up on your vibe, too!
  • Go with the flow…literally! Nicole and Scott planned to get married outside on a beautiful piazza in Sicily. When Mother Nature unleashed a downpour, they ran under the umbrellas of a nearby cafe and performed the ceremony there! It is still one of my favorite moments from their wedding.

Rainy Day Wedding Photography

Rainy-day couples can end up with great stories to tell and beautiful pictures to share. Rain or shine, the most important thing is that you are getting married to the love of your life. Put your photos in the hands of an experienced photographer and let your love shine through the rain! Keep scrolling for more of my favorite rainy-day wedding photos!

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