10 Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Family Photo Session

Does the idea of a family photo shoot with small children stress you out?  It doesn’t have to… (Really!) I love working with little kids and have figured out the best tips and tricks to have a great family portrait session without the tears (and even they’re okay)!  Keep reading for the secrets for a successful family picture shoot.  

  1. Plan Ahead: Get those outfits ready ahead of time and put them to the test…can everyone sit and move comfortably in them?  Be sure that you have some alternates as well.  Choose clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the location and weather.  For more tips on what to wear, check out this blog post.
  2. Start Preparing your Kids Early: Getting them in the right mindset is key…”Hey, guess what?!  A couple weeks from now we’re going to play at the park while one of Mommy’s friends is there to take pictures of us!  What are some fun things that we can do while we’re there?” 
  3. Involve Them in the Planning: What are some of their favorite locations – ex: a park – that would be fun to visit?  Have them brainstorm and practice some favorite expressions and poses.  What are some fun activities – ex: tag – that they could do?…and don’t worry…I have an arsenal of games in my back pocket to help create some fun!

6. Your Stress = Their Stress: They take their cues from you, so if you are stressed out…they are going to be, too.  And no worries on my part…I am not here to judge!  Don’t feel like your child being uncooperative reflects badly on you as a parent.  

7. Keep a Kid’s Perspective: I understand that they may be uneasy or uncertain.  Making all of you comfortable and creating an environment that’s easy and fun is my job.  I can get down to the kid level and chat with them. We get great pictures that way! 

8. Bribery is not always a Bad Thing 🙂 We all like some compensation for doing something…especially that we may not want to do…so make time at the end of the session for a reward for a job well done…or have that special candy on hand as a surprise if they need a little extra motivation. 

9. For Babies and Toddlers: Bring along a favorite toy or stuffie that they can hold or that I can put on my camera to get their attention.  (Sometimes I will even pretend that it’s taking the pictures!) Their special object can definitely be a source of comfort as they settle into the session.

10. Embrace the Unexpected: Let’s face it…not everything is going to go according to plan.  Have a back up outfit ready in case something happens (or someone refuses to wear outfit A) and understand that bloopers are completely normal…in fact, they are part of the fun!  The candids that result are usually some of the best photos of the session.

Basically…Be Comfortable…Be Prepared…and Have Fun!…The whole experience is what makes the memories…the photos are just there to remind you of this special moment in time…Trust me..it can be done!

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