Covid Wedding Advice: How to have a 150 person wedding with group restrictions

Okay.. sooo I have an AWESOME IDEA… I’ll be honest.. it’s not my original idea. I heard about it on one of the many zoom calls I’ve been on with wedding industry vendors across the country… I’m nicknaming it a “split wedding”… and it is the PERFECT solution for a couple who is having a larger wedding and is concerned about large gatherings and state mandates!! Read below to hear more … honestly I think this could become a new trend!!

What’s a Split Wedding… and how does it work? Let’s say that you would like to invite 150 people to your wedding, but you need to adhere to the 50 person limit at your venue. Solution: Create a split wedding! Separate your guest list into three groups, each under 50 people and invite each group to a different part of your wedding festivities. Think about it…weddings are often more than just the ceremony and reception (especially destination weddings). Many include a large rehearsal dinner welcome parties, as well as a brunch or send off party the day after the ceremony. With a split wedding, some guests attend the rehearsal dinner, some attend the ceremony and reception, and others attend the brunch. Don’t get it… keep reading…

Why its awesome:

  • If you think that your guests may be feeling skeptical or short-changed, look at it this way. They are going to want to see and spend time with the people that they know. Your guests are going to want to celebrate their way. Your parents’ friends may not want to spend the evening dancing to 90s hip-hop (or maybe they will…if so, good for them)! They might enjoy the rehearsal dinner more.. Brunches may work better for other groups of your guests say the grand parents… And let’s be real…how much time do you get to spend with each guest at a gathering of 150 people? Likely not much. But with only 50 people at each event, you get more quality time with each of your guests.
  • Destination weddings especially are full of events surrounding the wedding day. Why not embrace this and create more casual opportunities for your guests to get together? You can always organize informal gatherings and invite all of your guests through the weekend– perfect for young families and a great way for everyone to socialize even more.
  • Guests often treat destination weddings as mini-vacations for themselves. Why not work with local vendors to create experiences or packages or discounts to thank your guests and allow them to take advantage of everything that their vacation spot has to offer? They will have more free time to enjoy themselves and they will feel like they got the most of out their stay.
  • Everyone can still be a part of your ceremony…just virtually. Zoom and live streaming have become a way of life now, so why not use them to your advantage? Not only will all the guests at your location be able to witness your wedding, others who cannot make it all can still be a part of your special day. They can make those memories right along with you! Or think of parents with young children or crying babies…no more stress about will they behave or act up in the middle of the ceremony…

The more I think about it, the more I can see this becoming the new wedding norm. If we are creative in facing the challenges that the Covid crisis poses to our celebrations, I think that we can make them just as fun, just as meaningful, and just as beautiful…if not more so! I am always here to help and support any new and creative ideas… and if you want to hear a few of mine just ask away!!!

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