What to Expect From a Personal Brand Photo Shoot

Congratulations! You have made a wise choice! Your personal brand and lifestyle photo session is going to provide you with a variety of images to use in a variety of ways! With this great content, your business will stand out to more people and make your current clients love yo even more. Keep reading for how to make the most of your personal brand photo shoot…before…during…and after!

1) PRE-SHOOT: Tell me everything… preparation in key to a brand photo shoot! I’ll be sending you a questionnaire to learn everything there is to know about you, your business, your goals… basically anything and everything about who you are and what you want to say!

Exercise: One of my favorite exercises is to go through my old reviews and see the adjectives that stand out the most…I did this the other day and the words FUN and RELAXED and BEAUTIFUL were mentioned in almost every review. Well…if you look through my site you’ll see…that’s my thing…that’s my “brand”… and it came about without me even noticing! I just had to fine tune it.   

  • Reach out to your friends and ask them to give five adjectives that describe you.
  • Read through your testimonials and notice certain comments or phrases that pop up over and over again.
  • Chances are, you will have a lot of overlap! Then brainstorm how your shoot might represent these ideas.

2) THE SHOOT ITSELF: I shoot in a way that’s carefree and fun…a way that helps you relax, be yourself, and celebrate your brand.  Because after all…you have worked hard and created something that you are proud to share with others…and your photos will show that. These shoots are a blast!…and here are the types of images we’re going to capture…

  • Headshots...posed, yes…boring, no!…These aren’t your grandpa’s banker’s photo. These show your personality…your serious…and your silly sides.
  • Lifestyle…you can’t have a lifestyle branding session without showing a little bit of you…your dog…your office…your favorite mug…your audience is looking for ways to establish a connection with you!
  • Content Creation …the bread and butter…sometimes literally, ha!…of your shoot! Think Pin-able, Instagram worthy photos of your content that your audience will like, save, and share…just because! They may not have known that they needed your products and services…but now they will likely want them!

3) POST SHOOT: You’ve got the pics…now what?…Well…you can use your pictures everywhere…across all of your social media platforms, your blog, your website and your marketing materials. Make the most of your photos with these tips… REUSE-RENEW-RECYLCE

  • Use the crop! One image now becomes multiple images just by focusing on different parts of the photo.
  • Sizing them differently for each platform.
  • You now have a whole collection of images to mine for fresh content…and they will work together seamlessly.

Ultimately what does a lifestyle branding photo shoot look like? The short answer is that your lifestyle branding photo session looks…well..like you!…the person you are…the work that you do…and the brand you have created…will all shine through your photos and help you share your story.

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