Me.. a writer … ?!?!?


So I’ve only got a second… its been a crazy couple months… more photo shoots than ever before..  including couples, families, babies, bikes… and even the Harlem Globetrotters… 

But for now  I’m stoked to share a story I had published in Traverse Magazine…  last year during a shoot the editor and I were chatting about the island and it’s bikes well.. this feature came out of it.

He asked if I would write it… my response.. what me… I don’t write I take pics.. so he … said .. well do both!

I have to say it was kind of neat to flip open the magazine and see my words in print, right there alongside my photos. 

As for now.. I am back home in LA …  working on all the amazing shoots I had over the past few weeks… and in my favorite office with the guys from The Shop.  Love how creative and collaborative this area is….

Hoping I’ll have time in the next few weeks to bombard you with blog posts showing all the fun and beautiful shoots I’ve had over the summer so far.

Have a beautiful day…

May you take a moment and sit back and see what new opportunities arise out of nowhere… then grab them!!


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