Covid Wedding Advice: How to Rock your Wedding Entertainment in the Era of Social Distancing

We can still have a blast at our weddings…even if we can’t have a crowded dance floor with everyone chanting “a little bit softer now” in unison. Industry professionals have been brainstorming ways to provide awesome entertainment that allows guests to social distance but still have a great time. Keep reading for some suggestions and solutions for rocking your reception.

Karaoke: One (or two guests…”Islands in the Stream,” anyone?) at a time, guests can get up and serenade others with their best renditions of their favorite songs. The rest of the crowd gets to enjoy and sing along from their socially distanced seats. Who knew Uncle Fred had such a great voice?

Line Dancing: I’m with you…I never thought I’d be advocating for line dancing! But think of it…people are naturally separated and stay that way. Brush up on the classics and get your groove on to your favorite country songs,

Silent Discos Outdoors: If you don’t know what this is… you should! Its AMAZING! You have a variety of guests with a variety of music tastes… right? Grandma want Frank Sinatra, while your MOH wants Lizzo… well, with silent disco weddings.. you can have both! The DJ provides headphones hooked to separate music… as you control the headphones you control what music you hear. Google it… mark my word its going to be the newest biggest thing! AND no noise means no noise ordinance will shut down your party PLUS more space means more room to distance means more people can get in on the fun. without being concerned about social distancing!

Open-Air Photo Booth: No more squeezing into a photo booth…it’s just a cool background and one attendant who snaps the pictures. (SnapThis is an awesome example… check it here) You can have as many people standing as close together (or as far apart) as you want! You can have it set up at every part of your wedding weekend. In the end you’ll have a full gallery of sweet photos and gifs of your guests beyond your typical cocktail-in-hand conversational snaps or the sweaty-on-the-dance-floor scenes!

Zoom or Live Stream: These things have become part of how we socialize, so why not embrace them for your reception? People who cannot attend can still be part of the fun…(without their feet hurting from their high heels)...and you can still interact with all of your guests…and even take requests…just virtually! And just think, you will have so much more of your special events recorded so that you can enjoy them over and over again.

We’ve all had to adjust to a new normal, and that is going to hold true with weddings for the foreseeable future. I am beginning to think, however, that even when things return more to the “old normal” that some of these ideas are going to stick around because they are so much fun! Stay positive, brainstorm with your vendors, and whether or not you are one of my couples…feel free to reach out anytime. We’re all in this together, and I am here to help!

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