Top 5 Tips for How to Plan for Your Brand Photo Shoot

I have two words to make your personal brand photo shoot successful: Be Intentional! With a clear vision, a thoughtfully chosen location, and carefully planned props and outfits, your photo session is going to provide you with a variety of images that you can use to promote your brand across multiple social media, marketing, and web platforms. To prepare for an effective…and fun!…photo shoot, check out my top five tips below.

1. Determine your intent

What’s your why? Are you rebranding? Starting a new business? Launching a new product? Looking for fresh content for your social media platforms and online presence? Knowing your goals for the photo shoot will enable you and your photographer to work together to create the images that you seek.

2. Create a mood board to clarify your vision

Just as you are looking to convey your brand’s message through images, your photographer needs visual help to see images that resonate with you. HELLO PINTEREST… Pinterest boards with the following images will help your photographer understand the type of content that you want to create in your photo session. Below are a few examples…

  • Your color palette… it doesn’t have to be your “brand” yet… what are your favorite colors?
  • Images that represent your personal style
  • Images that resonate with you
  • Images that reflect the style of anyone you admire or want to emulate
  • Images with objects that tell your story
  • Images of the outfits that you are inspired to wear

3. collect the clothes and props that tell your story

Once you have determined your brand colors, select a variety of outfits that match your brand story. Are you aiming to be fun and bold? Soft and feminine? Minimal and modern? Your choice of clothing conveys a lot about who you are and what you aim to accomplish with your brand. Consider the message that your accessories send as well. Does a fun pair of glasses encapsulate your style? Cool shoes? An awesome bag? What else might serve as a story-telling prop beyond your product itself? Thoughtful styling in all aspects of your brand photo shoot will allow your images to establish a strong recognition and an instant emotional connection with your audience.

4. practice ahead of time

Okay, this may sound a little odd, but once you have created your vision and collected the clothing and props that will communicate that vision, it’s a good idea to practice for your brand photo shoot. Yep, that means putting on the clothes, styling your hair, testing out your make-up, and grabbing those props to practice poses and expressions in front of your mirror (or several mirrors to see what it all looks like in different lighting). This will help you determine a number of things. Can you move comfortably and naturally in your selected outfits? Do your accessories and props enhance your story? Take a few practice photos. Does your make-up fit the image you want to convey or does it need to be tweaked? Test out some back up items and outfits to bring on the day of your photo session as well.

5. Communicate effectively with your photographer

As your photographer, I will provide you with a variety of images that you can use across multiple platforms. For example, you need different types of images for your website than you do for Instagram. You can take the images from our photo session and crop and size them in different ways. This way the same images can look different and fresh each time you use them. Head shots, lifestyle shots that show a little of your interests or your personality, and of course great detail shots of your product will connect with your audience. (For a more detailed explanation of the 3 types of brand photos, click here.)

6. bonus tip…

Be YOU! You have worked hard to create your brand, so think of this photo session as an opportunity to celebrate both you and your brand. Today’s audience craves an authentic connection, and a brand photo shoot is a great way to establish that. It’s my goal to create a shooting environment that allows you to relax, have fun, and tell your story with your brand.

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