Engagement Photography Tips, Article 1

Engagement Photos Treasure Island

Professional Thoughts

Engagement Photos Treasure Island from a professional can be really expensive. Most of the leading pros bill a session charge in addition to very costly reprint rates (I’ve seen some photographers that charge $50 or more for an 8×10).

I don’t blame the photographers: the majority of them suffice to charge such prices. And I understand, from having actually shot engagement sessions prior to that the sessions can take quite a bit of time. For me, an average session would take about 6 hours of overall time (first contacts/communications with the couple, driving to the image site, taking the images, downloading/processing the raw photos, and then processing the couple’s order).

A money-saving tip: some experts offer the engagement photos as a part of their wedding celebration package. If your wedding digital photographer uses such a solution – capitalize on it! Even if you don’t purchase a lot of reprints it will certainly provide you and your fiancée an outstanding opportunity to see how well you connect with your professional photographer.

If you can not pay for (or do not want to invest the money on) an expert digital photographer: don’t toss out the idea of engagement photos !!

Buddy Alternatives

Locate a friend that has a DSLR and also a zoom lens. The DSLR video cameras are the digital video cameras with interchangeable lenses. Such cam prices are dropping (often one can be bought for around $700) and also their popularity is boosting.

See if your buddy has a good zoom lens. Such a zoom lens will typically go from 100mm bent on regarding 200mm or even 300mm. If your buddy does not have such a lens perhaps they could be talked into buying one. I have actually seen a consumer-version Nikon (and Canon) 75mm-300mm zoom lens for regarding $100!

While you possibly will not obtain images that are good as expert, you can get extremely great pictures from such a configuration. As well as I’m going to provide you two substantial littles suggestions that will certainly make a world of difference in those outcomes.

Tip # 1 – The Zoom

If you desire a wonderful, blurred, background in your engagement photos, you’ll require to have them taken with a zoom lens. Utilizing a 200mm zoom lens will wonderfully blur out the background behind you. And don’t stand too close to your background: I would certainly advise going to the very least 15-20 feet far from any background. If your friend recognizes what the electronic camera’s aperture is (the f-stop), have them set it to be as wide open as feasible (the most affordable Aperture number readily available – probably F4.5 and even F2.8).

Suggestion # 2 – Evening Color

Do not head out on an intense warm day at noon as well as expect to obtain gorgeous photos! While you might stumble upon some great images, it is actually more difficult to take good pictures in the bright sun as a result of the rough lighting, dark shadows, and also squinty eyes.

I advise you take your Engagement Photos Treasure Island on a bright day – yet begin the photo session about an hour before sundown. Try to find a park that has stunning green turf as well as trees. I usually search for areas that have a big amount of color. During that time of the evening a hillside will certainly commonly give a big area of gently-lit shade.

You will certainly be surprised at the top quality of light that is readily available at such a time!

To be honest, as a working expert who has actually shot a number of involvements, the substantial bulk of my images are taken in that precise lighting with ABSOLUTELY NO alterations (no reflectors, strobes, etc.).

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