Dylan is 6 months

Last weekend I was in the bay area with my dear friend Kuz (short for Kuzmic… her last name…  well, her old last name… now its Siddens)… pheww that was a lot of explaining… we’ll just call her Jen… but really I’m here to talk about Dylan.. .her and Marc’s  (can’t forget him) adorable 6 month old little boy.

I was lucky enough to photograph Dylan when he was just a few weeks old… but now he has grown so much and is totally growing into an expressive and excited little one…  best him way to describe this little cherub is a boy who is constantly in awe of the world… just look at this face!


Kuz & Marc… it was so lovely to see you and get to know Dylan.  I am thrilled for your adorable family and love that I can be a part of your worlds!!


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